Install a 7" LED Daymaker Headlight into a Sktyants housing bucket

Here’s how to install a 7" LED Daymaker headlight into a Sktyants 7" Daymaker Headlight Housing Bucket.

The housing comes with two brackets for attaching it to your bike’s forks, as well as some padding for those brackets and the necessary hardware:

Headlight housing hardware

The housing comes assembled, so the first step is taking it apart.

To begin, remove the two Phillips head screws on the side:

Remove the first two screws on the outer housing

Then pry the top ring off. This is being held in by some metal tabs, so you’ve just got to find the spot where they’re gripping and gently pull. A plastic tool can help pry it apart without damaging the paint:

Pry off top ring

Next, remove the long Phillips head bolt via the top ring. This screw adjusts the left/right tilt angle of the light, and it’s threaded through a spring into a square bolt:

Remove adjustment screw

Next are two Phillips head bolts threaded into square nuts, which connect the top ring to the two inner rings. Once those bolts are out, you can pull the top ring off and set it aside:

You’ll now have access to undo the two small screws that are holding together the middle and bottom ring together. Remove those screws, then pull the middle and bottom rings apart:

Next, place the bottom ring over the back of your headlight, and twist it around until it lines up flush with the headlight. The ring has two recesses that line up with two metal pieces on the back of the headlight, and you’ll feel it when it’s sitting right. The ring should fit nice and flush with the back of the light:

Now, reinstall the middle ring by lining it up and putting back the last two small screws you took out:

Next, place the top ring face down, and insert the assembly into it:

Before re-inserting the screws that attach the rings, you want to put the adjustment screw back. It’s a little fiddly to get this aligned right, so not having the rings attached yet will give you some necessary wiggle room.

Once the screw is aligned through the spring and hole in the ring, you can fix it with the square nut.

Now you can reattach the two side screws to secure the rings together. Some needle-nose pliers can be used to hold the nuts in place:

Finally, place the headlight and rings assembly back in the housing bucket, squeezing the pieces together. You can use the 2 screw holes on the side to align the piece.

Once it’s sandwiched back together, replace the final 2 screws and you’re all set.